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Step 1: Pick Your State

  • White Spruce

    Whether you are looking to honor a loved one, create a windbreak, or simply enjoy the beauty of nature, the white spruce is the perfect choice.

  • Black Spruce

    The black spruce is a distinctive and hardy tree that is well-suited to cold climates. Its dark bark and drooping branches make it a beautiful addition to any landscape.

  • Norway Spruce

    This tree has a sturdy trunk and branches that are covered in dark green needles, which provide a beautiful contrast to the snow in the winter months.

  • White Pine

    A majestic and stately tree that can grow to be over 100 feet tall and live for hundreds of years. Its the perfect tree to honor a loved one.

The beauty of a tree, the memory of a loved one.

Honor the memory of a loved one with a beautiful, living memorial from Memortrees. Order your tree today and experience the lasting beauty and peace that only a tree can provide.